One of Many

April 8, 2017

This blog has seen many deaths. Some swift, some slow. The last time seems to be sometime in 2009, shortly after which I moved on from one stage of my life and the California experiment that consumed it and returned home to New York. Blowing the dust off of old archives — I’ll admit I never really established a good archiving system for my ephemera, making peace with each death and burying it with the sand of time — the last thing I wrote was titled, The Return of the Lost Generation.

The last eight years have been somewhat curious as well. Looking back, it’s difficult to discern where or when I was actually present, versus steering the bare-minimum and existentially running on fumes. There are several factors that contributed to that state (I won’t re-trace them now), and while it would be absurd to say I’ve shed all of that life baggage, I can say that for one reason or another, at the start of this year, I simply decided to get up, and start going.

Indeed my writing has suffered being so long out of practice, and my perspectives are more weathered, bruised, and battered. With some effort though… practice, practice, practice… I hope that my writing will be satisfactory again. Staring at the blinking cursor as I write this, thoughts racing about in my mind as I attempt to catch them in just the right order to commit them to screen and remain coherent, is perhaps the most conscious and in-control that I’ve felt in quite some time.

In this first post, perhaps I should keep things light… and positive. Back to basics, square one, rough cuts, and all such manners of amateur creation.

I hope this goes well.

I guess we shall see.