“Silent-Super” Edition

This is the sixth version of Gotham Black, The “Silent-Super” Edition. The approach this time is “build as needed,” because expression is more important than polished composition for me right now. I’m considering it a workspace of sorts, so please watch your head and pardon the mess.

First published in 2005, Gotham Black has always existed as a collection of ephemera: writings, readings, sights and sounds. I’ll admit that I haven’t been terribly good about preserving my ramblings over the years. Much has been lost in the various forms of digital decay and some pieces, I simply destroyed. A complete record would be nice though. If I manage to unearth something from an old disk or archive, I’ll start to re-post them here. Maybe we’ll get somewhere, or maybe we won’t. Reconstituting the past has always been as a bit of folly.

Parts & Labor

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Typefaces used are League Mono by Tyler Finck (🙌 Ithaca, NY 🙌), and the venerable Chaparral by Carol Twombly.

Knock, Knock

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The feed right now is pretty dusty and dated (circa 2010, about three editions ago, I believe), but I’ll get it cleaned up soon. Give it a shot, and thanks for being interested!

Photo Credits

Credit where credit is due. Images on this site are a mix of personal photos and commercial-free images found on the web. While the photographers are cited on the site, here’s a full list for reference.